Safe enough


No Bumps? No Bruises?

Are there any contusions?

Did you get a black eye?

Maybe you’re feeling just fine.


What makes you sad?

Can you label this stick man?

Is your home a safe place?

Please, tell the truth now, don’t lie.


Where is your lunch?

The teacher reported it.

You ate it at recess?

Your Mom said, there was breakfast.


Good enough.

Safe enough.

Unharmed enough.

Fed enough.


~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~


Sober adults,

and three cute little children.

So very compliant!

Yes, they know how to listen,


She reads a lot,

And she fights with her brother.

It’s an old fashioned home,

but her parents both love her.


The home is clean,

kids do great in the classroom!

This family is perfect.

Being timid doesn’t count.


Good enough.

Safe enough.

Unharmed enough.

Loved enough.


~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~



You made it to adulthood.

You might hate your parents,

But they did the best they could.


What rage is this?

You truthfully weren’t happy?

Your parents surpassed theirs…

What else could you want to see?




It was bad.

I felt hurt,

I was scared,

You never cared.


It wasn’t enough.

You didn’t see the real me,

(the girl never wanted),

just who I pretended to be.


~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~


I hate good enough.

I might not get over it.

I’ll ask the questions now.

I’m not glossing over shit.


Don’t say it’s too much.

Don’t tell me I’m too involved.

I can see what’s concealed,

And I won’t close my eyes now.


I’ll try again.

So you can be safe.

So your hurts can heal and mend.

Till you can say,

“I know I’m enough”.