wrong place, nowhere to go


The feeling of having just arrived at the wrong place,

but having nowhere else to go.

This makes me small

this leaves me vulnerable.

I am a soul, created to be loved,

freshly introduced to this body

which has just a few words for a vocabulary.

I cannot explain,

I do not have the skills to explain

Who I Am


What I Need.

I am just a small vulnerable soul

who has come to this place

but did not find a welcome here.

Behind my breathing there is sadness,

it’s at my spine,

it resides in my being.

I can’t remember what happened

that was worth crying about,

but this sadness became too heavy

to usher out with tears and sobs.


“That’s not who I am”

“You don’t understand me”


These are phrases that I feel must now be said

although they place words on a time

when there were no words

and describe the emotions of a girl

whose emotions were felt with the soul and not explained by the mind.


Precious Girl

I send you comfort.

I send you love across time.


I hope that these words get to you.


And I think they have,

because just now,

your tears sprang to my eyes

and dried on my cheeks.


I know you have nowhere to go

and I remember that they will bark at you

and try to give you their shame.

Vulnerable one, I give you my resolve.

And I give you today.

Tightly, in your fists take this knowledge that you have seen your future

you have seen that you were able to endure

you have seen me


reaching out to you

and saying

Thank You.

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