A good surprise

I had worried

that losing you

would make me an orphan.

I had thought

that every time I looked in a mirror

I would see

someone without a mother.


My inner child

is not alone.

She is not afraid.

She is not an orphan.

I parent her now.


When I look in a mirror,

there she is,


She is happy because she is safe.

She is happy because

there is no longer

anything I regret

about me.


All of me takes care of me.

Adult me protects my inner child.


I don’t say anymore

“You have to put up with a little abuse,

because you’re related to this person.”

I’ve advanced in my ability

of guarding my peace.


In the mirror is a girl who is now more

and not less.

The word “orphan” doesn’t suit her at all.





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