Change Agent

(This poem is not new, but I had forgotten to transfer it over after my first blog crashed. The other poems that have been posted recently were all from this year.)


Change Agent

I am
special agent.
Not quite a ninja,
but in my mind,
still as good
at saving the world
Saving the world
all about
external oppressors.
There are internal enemies.
Inner working models that create
self doubt
and fear
and silence.
I don’t have a cape,
I AM all about the rescue.
Fighting against mistrust
against destructive coping mechanisms
against lies that seem like truth.
This fight
isn’t one of violence.
In fact,
I could be compared to a turtle
a sleepy lizard.
This is not an action movie.
My mightiest weapons
are my two ears.
With them I listen
to words that have
never been heard
although a million times said.

I don’t have cool gadgets
(like a phone that turns into a parachute),
or the ability
to become invisible.
But I do have
some invisible qualities
that activate
at the precise moment
they are needed.
There is a sense of
It doesn’t look like much.
In fact, you can’t see that part at all.
I look like
a regular person.
(I told you it’s not an action movie).
Even the soundtrack being played
as I leap from one precarious situation to the next
is probably
the most annoying song from
a children’s show on television.
I wield my weapons;
Ears on my head!
High-fives in my fingers!
“Unconditional Positive Regard” in my heart!
It’s an arsenal that has me ready for anything
that a change agent could encounter.
It is good
to be prepared.
I once encountered
ten kinds of ugliness
in a single day;
all being issued
from the one who
I intended to help!
there is no gratitude.
It is not the ‘damsel in distress’ that
the change agent rushes out to assist,
nor a nation
that is suffering from the affliction
of an overzealous neighbour.
No that is not what I do.

I read books.
I provide emotional support.
I choose to give a very valuable gift;
my time.
Attached to it is a valuable message;
“You are worthy of my time,
because You Are Important”.
there any other message
that speaks so deeply
to a
rejected child?
I cannot undo his hurts
I will not look away.
I will wash the darkened windows
that have left his mind without
a hope.
I will reach out a hand
even though
he has stopped
believing in comfort.
I will take him to see
a view of the world
that won’t be defined
by his inner working model.
I will be
a change agent,
working to save the world
without super ninja skills
or a fancy hidden pistol.
Just me
embarking on another day of adventure
wearing my rainbow flip-flops
as I chase down
a run-away youngster.


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