I feel free free free

I’m looking at how far I’ve come.
Looking back and feeling different now.
I’m not crazy.
I’m saner than I’ve ever been.
You asked,
But the answer is no;
I won’t be the other version of me for you.

I’m free from dramatic entanglements
Not shocked by your displeasure
Not willing to erase these years.
Although you feel regret
And would rewind
I feel free free free
And I wish you were free too.

I see how far I’ve come
In growth over time
And hindsight through distance.
And I can’t feel sorry.
Far away over here
At this distant place in the future
I’ve found peace

Life fulfilling peace
And no-reason-to-strive peace.
Calm my troubled mind peace,
And comfort my sorrows peace.
Peace that protects
And the peace of forgiveness.
I’m free to keep moving ahead.