I do – dance

I do
dance to a different tune now.
It’s the tune that
God was playing on the inside the whole time,
I ignored it
because it meant that I needed deliverance.
Dancing to that tune
would mean
being honest with my parents.
Dancing to that tune
would mean
not using
books and movies and entertainment as escapism
paying attention,
to my heart.
Dancing to this tune
asking God where the wild things are…

wanting to live like
the prophets
and disciples
in the bible.
It’s the tune
that Jonah grooved to
in the belly of the fish.
The tune
that Jesus listened to
when he whispered,
“not my will, but thine be done.”
The tune
that was playing
when Eve was created
in the garden.
The tune
that blinded Paul
and raised back to life
the man that fell
on Elisha’s bones.

is the tune
I dance to

Dancing this way…
I love it
God’s my Daddy,
and he’s watching
twirl and spin,
and be

I feel
I feel free.

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