Broken trust.
Awkward questions.
My heart has so much sorrow.
Missing connections, broken links
my soul’s companions are distant.
I didn’t choose my family
and I have been wounded by them.
Fellowship is an unknown.
I tried to choose my friends carefully,
but no one has been able to understand my change.
I am not who I was.
Change and growth were strange concepts in my past.
Taboos were the shoes I laced up every day.

I chose to leave it behind.
I dove in.
I made my escape,
getting away from the rut I had lived in.
I left my friends there.
Is it fair that I’m mad at them?
They chose to remain, I made up my mind to go.

Is the person I am now going to sever these ties?
My heart still loves
yet I am not the friend that I was.
Perhaps they miss the old me, while I am missing the new them.

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